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For a long time my life followed the well planned course that my family and my community expected from every one of their children: go to school, get a degree, get married, have kids and settle down. Born into a beautiful family, I never wanted to disappoint; I went to school, got my degree, met a decent guy and married him, had a beautiful baby boy and from that point on tried to settle, taking care of my family and waiting for life to happen to me. There was only one problem: I never liked to wait for things to happen.

After getting my Bachelor in Education I got my first job as a secondary school teacher. I loved teaching, I loved working with teenagers and did quite a good job at bonding with them. I was 22. There was practically no age gap between us so we could easily connect. I got in trouble all the time with the principal as my classes were noisy, with students always volunteering opinions and discussing anything from classics to the newest music trend and also because I was outspoken and very vocal about all of the issues women were still facing in the post communism Eastern Europe.

I had a funny side that I could not always allow to show during the classes and overall, I was itching for something else to fit my bubbly personality. This is when I discovered radio.

My marriage proved to be quite a disastrous experience. My nonconformist personality did not match my then partner’s conservative ways. He treasured rules and public acceptance. The things that once attracted him to me, became the reasons we most often ended up arguing about. I quickly embraced the hectic schedule that radio required to be away from my married life.  

The only way I can describe that experience is Magic. Radio is a special beast that requires creativity, warmth, compassion, humour and good story telling. If you want your listeners engaged and entertained without the help of images as in television or cinema you need good stories. I compare listening to radio with reading a good book… As a radio maker, you have to work with no help from simple things like showing images for a better understanding.  Once the story is out there, the listener can use their imagination to make whatever they want or need to make out of it. Sometimes this is a very good thing… sometimes not so much… but this is part of the magic of radio…

1999 found me looking for a new beginning. A new country, a new life as a single mother, a new professional path  and the beginning of a long stretch of challenges that would knock me down at times… Several jobs in industries I have never considered or desired: transportation, warehousing and manufacturing as well as construction and IT; Health and Safety, HR and Business administration just to mention a few. Up until 2011 my life was on a roller coaster and I was barely controlling it.

I met my forever husband when I was not looking and could not be happier to have found him. He has been a mountain of patience with my hot blooded temper and stubbornness and loves me for who I am: a perfect example of imperfectness! With him holding tightly my hand I am coming out of my shell and my comfort zone and do things I was absolutely petrified of… like riding a motorcycle…

I never got over the story telling part of my radio career… I tried TV as well, but never found the same excitement and never experienced the same elation… TV has never become an addiction but rather something that I can now check off my list … Welcome to my blog… I wish I could tell you that I am the modern Scheherazade but in reality, I am jus trying to spare my friends a bit… I always have something to say and maybe it is time for me to write more and talk less…

With love,


A linguist, mother, daughter, wife, ex-lover, sister… in love with the Romanian language, once an English language and literature teacher, nowadays a dreamer and altruist, enamoured with social media and the new perspective it brings, a dog lover with a real taste for coffee with an ocean view… At times I am superficial, arrogant and sarcastic…

I have been living in Canada for more than 15 years and been through more adventures I have ever wished for. Some better than the others.. Somewhere halfway I found my soul mate in a Canadian… who would have ever thought? I still miss home, I still dream at a day when I will go back for good… Then I wake up and smile with a superior smirk: really? Right when I start growing roots here?

This blog went thorugh more than one transformation. Just like its author. Never fully satisfied, always looking for something better , more beautiful, more interesting. Or just different… This time I decided I will let  My Blog find its own way just like a good mother would do to her child…

Let’s see where it will take me…

Courses I have taken:

VCC Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction

Career Development Practitioner Certificate

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