When do you stop being an immigrant and become a Canadian citizen? When you get your citizenship? When you finally graduate from the first 10 years of under-employment, when you master the use and pronunciation of the famous “hey?” When exactly do you become a Canadian? I immigrated in 1999, and I became a citizen in 2003.  Not only that I am now the proud owner of a black passport, but so many other things changed! I realized that I am not

This is Who I am:

  • I live in Vancouver, BC – the most beautiful city in Canada without any exaggeration;
  • I came to Canada with high hopes in July 1999 under the Skilled Worker Program;
  • Read more about my life
  • I became a citizen in 2003 but I am still adapting to the Canadian ways.
  • I experienced married life twice and I am grateful for both. My first marriage gave me the most precious gift of all: a smart, good looking, caring son that has been my pride, my joy and my best accomplishment in this life. I am still basking in the happiness and contentment my second marriage proves to be, with a husband that is my best friend, my lover and my rock.
  • On a professional  level,  have experienced the under employment most new immigrants go through and tried on my own too; I have been through good times and bad times. In my quest to find a new professional identity, I worked and got to know the Canadian blue collar and white collar worker, experienced different social classes and the people representing them, I faced the cold, unforgiving and heartless professional bodies that continue to cater to the Canadian educated, and battled bouts of despair, disappointment and depression until I realized that my self worth has nothing to do with the business card I was reluctantly giving away.
  • I am now a passionate Career Development Consultant with a strong background in education (K 9-12 and adult education), social and traditional media and business administration. My focus is to teach clients how to overcome barriers through a practical approach based on my own and other experience and knowledge.

Welcome to My Blog! You should stop by if:

  • You are a new Immigrant under the Skilled Worker Program;
  • You want to polish your English skills
  • You are thinking about coming to Canada  under the Skilled Worker Program;
  • You have no intention to immigrate to Canada but would like to have a glimpse of what it would look like
  • You have been here for some time and still going through challenges – it always helps when you can cry on somebody’s shoulder
  • You have been here for some time and you are now a success story – please share as we all could use some motivation
  • You live in Vancouver or would like to come to Vancouver
  • You have been underemployed for too long and in need of change or not
  • You want to understand the challenges immigration poses on people
  • You are bored, you need a good laugh or a reason to cry
  • You are a politician or a law maker that is interested in changing the rules

I have been reading a lot about what I should do or how I should behave to become somewhat successful in my chosen country. Most of the advice comes from Canadian authors which, although very well intentioned and documented are missing some very important insight in the real lives of immigrants. Therefore, this blog is intended to do just that: explain the world through the eyes of an immigrant who had to face a multitude of challenges.

This is my story, my experiences and my life in this beautiful country that I have chosen to be  my home.