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eLearning Work

Instructor Presence in Online Courses

A lot of attention is being given to the role of the instructor in creating a supportive learning community in the online environment. Since the learners engagement and satisfaction with the online course is tightly connected to the learner’s perception of the role and level of interaction with the instructor, it only adds to the …

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eLearning Work

5 Things I Learned about eLearning

Transitioning from traditional in class teaching to online facilitation seems easy but requires a lot more preparation, developing proficiency in various communication tools and mobile technology and have a lot of confidence in dealing not only with the group that you can see but with the groups you can rarely meet face to face.  Understand and …

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50 Shades of Friendship

I was bored the other day and to amuse myself I googled friendship and friends. I got approximately  312,000,000 results varying from friendship bracelets to speeches to organizations, definitions, messages, articles, quotes and so much more. It must be a very popular subject and one that does not need specialists to help you define or …

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Shorts, Sweat and Office Environment

Vancouver is a city consumed with fitness and being fit and healthy. Lululemon is our Goddess and Manolo Blahnik has nothing over the $90.00/pair Saucony Peregrine. No, it is not  a wine as I first thought but apparently a highly praised pair of running shoes. You go shopping and want to be cool, put on …

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