Quality Management in eLearning

Pahrump ivermectin cream for mites “The achievement of excellence has been considered as the cornerstone of universities” (Vlachopoulos, 2016). Quality in education is rather a complex, multidimensional concept as there is no one clear explanation of the term, nor one collective opinion but a number of approaches and interpretations. In a commercial context, customers would measure a few features of …

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Silver Bike Chick

Some years ago, I would have laughed at anybody who would have suggested a motorcycle ride. I had never been fond of motorcycles or bikers and only thinking about the dangers I would have to face on a two wheel kind of a vehicle, made my hair stood up. I am, and have always been …

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Career Development

English for Personal Branding

There was a time, not too long ago, when men and women were putting a lot more effort in the way they looked. Men used to wear suits and ties almost everywhere and women preferred skirts and beautiful dresses. Times have changed, and we are way more laid back and casual in the way we …

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