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Grading Chart

Professional Development Blog Value 15% DescriptionBy creating a professional development blog, you will be able to keep track of important resources for use later in your career . These resources should include reflections on course content, but also additional pieces that you would like to revisit oncethe course is done. Examples could be videos, images, …

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Rules of Engagement – Making a Comment

The purpose of making a comment is: to discuss/debate course content and consider other points of view to locate online resources that will support opinion with fact to exchange information that might be helpful for your peers to establish a sense of community to deepen your learning through discussion. You can contribute to discussions, post …

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Cross Cultural Communication for Leaders

Feasibility Assignment – EDUC 4151 Part 1 – LEARNING MODULE Program: Leadership Certificate The Leadership Certificate offered by Vancouver Community College, Continuing Education Department, will help managers at various levels of experience and entrepreneurs become more effective leaders in a time characterized by technological change, global competition, and growing expectations of investors, customers, and employees. …

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Online Assessment – Assignment for EDUC 4151

EDUC 4151 – Building Assessments Course: Soft Skills for Canadian Workplace Soft skills for Canadian Workplace is a 3 month online course that introduces 9 core soft skills that every immigrant should develop. Each week a new soft skill is discussed in a new module. Module Learning Objective – Small Talk By the end of …

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eLearning Work

Instructor Presence in Online Courses

A lot of attention is being given to the role of the instructor in creating a supportive learning community in the online environment. Since the learners engagement and satisfaction with the online course is tightly connected to the learner’s perception of the role and level of interaction with the instructor, it only adds to the …

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Thoughts on Blogging

A couple of years ago when I went back home for a vacation, my mom surprised me by bringing out a few of my journals from high school. Before emigrating to Canada I asked my parents to store for me a few keepsakes that I could not depart with but I had no room to …

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eLearning Work

5 Things I Learned about eLearning

Transitioning from traditional in class teaching to online facilitation seems easy but requires a lot more preparation, developing proficiency in various communication tools and mobile technology and have a lot of confidence in dealing not only with the group that you can see but with the groups you can rarely meet face to face.  Understand and …

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