Thoughts on Blogging

A couple of years ago when I went back home for a vacation, my mom surprised me by bringing out a few of my journals from high school. Before emigrating to Canada I asked my parents to store for me a few keepsakes that I could not depart with but I had no room to take with me overseas. Among them, few of my journals. Growing up without Instagram, Facebook or Google, I relied a lot on pens and paper. I filled several notebooks with quotes that resonated with me, with a full report on the author, novel, date I read it and date I made the entry in my notebook. I also had this habit of jolting down feelings, capturing memories and funny stories that had happened during the day and making lists of arguments against certain ideas preached by teachers, my parents or other authoritative figures of the time.

I had really forgotten about them when mom brought them out. It was a wonderful experience to rediscover 16 year old Michaela. Emotions I had forgotten about, friendships I treasured at one time, awkward moments I lived, a rebelious, immature but also an oh, so mature young woman was there, in front of my eyes.

Fast forward to year 2019 and although thanks to technology I changed my pen and paper to a post on a blog, I do get to experience some of that day feelings every time I browse through older postings. I discovered blogging quite a few years ago and started experimenting with it. My love for writing and story telling has only grown in time so blogging felt natural. It wasn’t easy though and the blog went through a few transformations. As my understanding of social media and blogging grew deeper, so did my blog change. My written English has evolved as well: from using long winded sentences very characteristic to Romanian, I am now more skilled at delivering the message in comprised, shorter sentences.

One thing I know for sure: if I ever move again, I will take all my scribbling with me! As long as I have an internet connection, I will be able to access all my saved quotes on life, love and everything in between, capture feelings, ideas and people anywhere, anytime.