Finding My Path in Canada or Drawing on Closed Doors

There are only a few times in my life as a nomad citizen when I can honestly say I could clearly see the road ahead of me. Most of the times the fog was so deep that all I could do was to pray before taking my next step and hope I won’t fall too deep. The path ahead was a mystery with no direction I was aware of. It was a slow movement to nowhere.

I knew I loved being there, shoulder to shoulder with people, leading them to a calmer, better future. I learnt this from a past life that I kept hanging on with both my hands. I just did not know where to start dreaming again. Once I found the career development field, I could finally see the path ahead, have a clear vision of the rest of my journey, and I finally understood a piece of advise I was given long time ago:”build on your strengths, and do it with a smile on your face!”.

An article I read was telling the story of this young man who went through a tough interview process for a prestigious company downtown. He was the lucky applicant who got the job and became the object of envy for many friends. On his first day, he presented himself at the door of the company, smartly dressed, coffee in hands and dreams in pockets just to find the doors locked and a big sign on the door: “The company went bankrupt… Sorry for any inconvenience!”

Well, life is unpredictable, he thought. He pulled the phone out of the pocket, called his family, friends and started the process of looking for a job… again… Actually this is what I thought the story would go. Instead, he rolled his sleeves, put a smile on his face and knocked at the doors of every office in the building, presenting himself, his skills and his unusual situation. By the end of the business day, he had another job.

Looking for work is not a straight, one way road anymore.Even more so when you are new to Canada! You closed all the doors when you decided to immigrate! But doors can close any moment, on anybody! It doesn’t mean that your journey has ended. Think of them as blank canvas and start painting on, using your strengths and that creativity living deep inside us all.

My job is to make sure each of my clients finds their right colour and the right crayon and together we will start painting on those closed doors until a window will open!


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