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Info Graphics – or How To Get Noticed!

I found a few creative resumes that will for sure attract all the attention! Do I recommend them for all the jobs? Definitely not! But if you are in a creative field, go bold! Show your personality and grab that job! Although most of the examples below refer to designers or illustrators, if you are looking for a job as a hair stylist, a painter, a server or even a constructor, go for it! Whenever you need to show your artistic side, instead of words, which sometimes betray us, go bold!

Anna Yenina – Graphic Designer

Mistis’ Curriculum Vitae

Adam Stephenson – Illustrator

Eiric Shrin – Designer 

Tamara’s Resume Designer

Alexandra – Advertising Design

Krista – Graphic Designer

Matthew Villalovos – Server 

Jean-Francois’ CV

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