As you have always been told, if you’re looking for a shortcut to the job or career wanted, dress smart! It is that simple!

A few days ago I read an article that reminded me of Lynda Goldman’s book You’re Hired… Now What?  I loved the book and I definitely recommend it to everybody in the Canadian business world: front line employee or executive, immigrant or  established Canadian. They (the book and the article) promoted the same concept: dress the best  you can afford. Goldman’s book is a great quick reference on how to choose outfits, from colours to style for a typical business day, cocktail event and specific social functions. I will not get into it, the book does a great job in giving you the essentials on the subject.

Every book or article  I have read on this subject, recommends the following order in choosing a suit: 1. colour; 2. style and 3. fabric. I think that the most important part of choosing your next suit should be the fabric.
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