Shorts, Sweat and Office Environment

Vancouver is a city consumed with fitness and being fit and healthy. Lululemon is our Goddess and Manolo Blahnik has nothing over the $90.00/pair Saucony Peregrine. No, it is not  a wine as I first thought but apparently a highly praised pair of running shoes. You go shopping and want to be cool, put on your yoga pants, lulu lemon jacket and the running shoes… I am always jelous of these gorgeous girls I pass by. They all look as if they are going or coming from the gym yet, they all look and smell heavenly! It must be something wrong with me: when I have to deal with the gym, I tend to sweat and stink… a bit!

I very much admire and envy people who go for a run or use the gym at lunch time. They must have perfected the art of showering in a very short time! It will sound like an excuse but for my 30 minutes of running, jogging, exercising I will need an additional 1 hour to have a shower, style my hair, apply make up and make myself presentable  and appropriate in an office, up to my standards. I am a bit of a prude, it is true, but in the office I prefer to keep things professional.

Walking around downtown at lunchtime I always wonder how many of these runners have a shower before resuming their work. Unfortunately I have experienced the contrary and it is quite disturbing. I guess it is a matter of personal preference but in the office I  don’t want to see anybody’s toothpicky legs coming out of a pair of too large shorts, I don’t want to have to touch a door knob, a desk, a pen or anything else after a sweaty hand and surely I really don’t want to smell your body odour after a 20 minutes run. It makes me sick. I think it is rude, it shows really poor manners and low class. Please keep your athletic self in the gym, or on the track field and bring your professional one at work.

Running is a fountain of youth and anybody who is healthy enough, no matter of age should take up running.It keeps the pounds off and rejuvenates the whole body.  Just don’t bring it in the office, that is all I ask!

What happened to respect? It is sad to see that we are loosing not only the common sense but self respect as well. Would you find it normal to walk around the office sweaty and wearing jogging shorts?


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