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“Be aware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance.” Jean de la Fontaine


Drawing on Closed Doors

TweetThere are only a few times in my life as a nomad citizen when I can honestly say I could clearly see the road ahead of me. Most of the times the fog was...


About Foreign Credentials in Canada

Tweet Every year our Canadian government aims to attract a high number of immigrants to help grow Canada’s economy. For 2015, according to CIC News, the target was set somewhere between 260,000 to 285,000 new...


English for Personal Branding

TweetThere was a time, not too long ago, when men and women were putting a lot more effort in the way they looked. Men used to wear suits and ties almost everywhere and women...

New Year's Resolutions

The Myth of New Year’s Resolutions

TweetAnother year is gone and, not to be left behind, I join the rest of the world in putting together a comprehensive and very well thought out resolution list. I cannot sleep anyway because of the...


Caution! Hot Beverage!

TweetI remember the first time I had a coffee in Canada and out of curiosity I read the label on the coffee cup: Caution! Hot beverage! I laughed. I laughed so hard but then...


50 Shades of Friendship

TweetI was bored the other day and to amuse myself I googled friendship and friends. I got approximately  312,000,000 results varying from friendship bracelets to speeches to organizations, definitions, messages, articles, quotes and so...